Algodones, Mexico

Algodones is a medical destination border town.  It is said that there is a higher concentration of pharmacies, doctors, and dentists in a 2-3 block radius than anywhere else in the world.  Of course the sidewalks are also covered with little shops selling jewelry, watches, sunglasses, hats, purses, and you name it.  Since this is slow season, the shop owners … Continue reading

Lunch in La Jolla

We had lunch at the Barfly in La Jolla.  There was an outside seating area with live music that made great ambiance.  Our table was a fire pit table which would have been great in the evening. Our food was so good that Summer is still talking about it.  She had fruit crepes with a vanilla custard and was especially … Continue reading

Beach at La Jolla

The coast at La Jolla (pronounced la-HOY-a)  is rugged and beautiful.  There are many small cove like beach areas.  The beach that we were most interested in is called Children’s Pool.  In 1931 a sea wall was built to create a safe swimming area for children.  Then the seals began using this protected beach.  Now the beach is shared by … Continue reading

Coronado Beach

Dr. Beach listed Coronado Beach as America’s best beach for 2012.  So we decided to check it out.  The bridge to get to Coronado Island is pretty impressive. Coronado itself was charming.  We enjoyed walking around Orange Ave. and back to the beach.  The Pacific Ocean was beautiful, the sky cloudless, the sand fine and soft.  But the water was … Continue reading

South Pacific Train Engine

Little man Luie absolutely loves trains.  He loves to see them, he loves to hear them whistle, and he even loves just walking on train tracks.  So when we told him we were going to visit an old train engine, he was beyond excited. “Oh yes! That’s on my happy list!” He said.  Well, we can’t pass up a chance … Continue reading


Have you ever read the children’s book Roxaboxen?  It is a true story about the author’s mother when she was a child.  She and the neighborhood children create an imaginary town using rocks and boxes.   It is a wonderful story about the power of imagination.  And it all took place in Yuma, AZ.  Summer was familiar with the story … Continue reading

Tubing down the Colorado River

To celebrate Dave’s birthday we went tubing down the Colorado River.  The tubes we rented had the name “Leavenworth” on them, so we asked the owners and sure enough the equipment was from Washington!  The river flowed slowly like a lazy river and the day was beautiful.  We kept cool in the water.  It was nice to have a relaxing … Continue reading

Castle Park

It has been fun exploring different places in Yuma, AZ.  This park is actually called Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground at West Wetlands Park , but most people call it Castle Park.  It was just too hot to stay for very long, so we are planning to go in the earlier morning next time.  We had a great time exploring … Continue reading