Mango smoothie

There is nothing as good as a frozen fruit smoothie on a hot summer day!  We have made hundreds of smoothies out of many different fruit combinations.  But this is our latest favorite.  Also, I want to say that a good blender makes all the difference.  I found this cheap little blender at Walmart.  I made sure to ask the … Continue reading


  Written by Dave: Sunday we got to feel our first earthquake.  It was a bit unsettling.  I was sitting on the couch and it started rhythmically moving.  I thought Luie was kicking the couch and was about to tell him to stop, then realized he wasn’t near it, and it was moving too much.  Nancy was in the bed … Continue reading

Yuma Territorial Prison

 A prison as a tourist attraction?  It wasn’t exactly high on my list of places to see. But of course it turned out to be much more interesting then I thought. The information above reads, “The prisoners made their own shoes, uniforms, underwear, mattresses, bedding, hats, and furniture for use at the prison.  Each inmate was assigned daily work details … Continue reading

Peach Pie

We have been seeing a lot of fresh peaches in the grocery store lately.  Since everyone loves peaches, we have been buying a lot of peaches too.  Then Summer learned that August was National peach month and August 24 was National peach pie day.  And so she reminded me on several occasions, that a fresh peach pie would be really … Continue reading

Castle Dome Mine Ghost Town Museum

I find that history is getting more interesting the older I get.  And museums call to me in a way they never did when I was younger.  So I couldn’t resist an abandoned old west mining town.  From 1862 – 1979 the silver and lead mines at Castle Dome thrived. In 1979 when silver prices dropped to an all time … Continue reading

Desert Flat

Written by Dave The road through Kofa was quite rough due to washouts from monsoon season rains.  Slow and careful driving brought us in, but didn’t quite get us out.  Who knows when the tire flatted out as the road was too rough to tell.  We hit pavement and immediately realized something was wrong.  Surveying the van revealed a flat … Continue reading

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

With temperatures just under 100 degrees, we decided it was a good day to do some hiking and sightseeing.  We went prepared with a cooler full of water bottles and a bag full of snacks.  And it was a good thing because we did get hot and thirsty. The desert landscape has a beauty all its own.  And you get … Continue reading

Museum and Aviary

The Sanguinetti House Museum is probably the smallest museum we have ever been in.  But it is full of Yuma history.  There were Spanish swords and helmets from the 1500’s.   Along with dolls and artifacts from several local Native American tribes.  We saw photos, weapons, military uniforms, antique furniture, Southern Pacific railroad items, and river boat items. The grounds around … Continue reading

Desert Garden

We recently visited a Demonstration Garden that exhibits trees and plants that thrive in the Arizona desert. This is an agave. Theses short fuzzy looking cacti are Teddy Bear Cholla.  They have strong spines with barbs on the ends.  After taking pictures I walked over to look at the next plant, when I heard Luie call out behind me.  When … Continue reading