Costa Del Sol, the Mediterranean Sea

Like the European snow birds, we have been working our way south for the winter.  Blue sky, warm breezes, palm trees, and the Mediterranean!  Yup that sounds like a perfect recipe!  We spent the day on the beach near Marbella. It was fun seeing all the kite surfers.  We stopped for a while to watch how they start out.  They … Continue reading

Road trip Spain

Once again, these photos are taken from the passenger seat through the windows, so they are not very good, and may not even be in focus.  However, I wanted to give you a glimpse of our trip from North East Spain through to southern Andelucia. Shortly after crossing the border, we noticed these unusual trees. I recently downloaded Rick Steves’ … Continue reading

Road Trip France

Driving south from Paris, we took some smaller roads that wound through small towns rather than taking the toll road.  Incredibly  charming.  It was really surprising how many beautiful tree lined roads there were.  I couldn’t help but take pictures through the windshield and out the side windows.  So while the photos are not good, I still posted them to … Continue reading

Camping near Brugge

This blog post is not in chronological order.  I was checking through a few things and found this post was still in draft form and never published.  While we were traveling with limited wifi, this post got missed.  Since I think it is still worth mentioning, I am going to go ahead and publish it now.   We used a … Continue reading

The Eiffel Tower

Oh my goodness!  The Eiffel Tower!  We made it!  We found a nice park bench and enjoyed our picnic with an incredible view!   After walking around Paris for several more hours, and seeing more sites, we returned to the Eiffel tower to see it all lit up.  Breathtaking!   Related Posts:Molinard Parfumerie in Grasse France Villeneuve-Loubet France, beach day … Continue reading

Brugge, Belgium

In Flemish and Dutch, it’s spelled Brugge and pronounced Broo-gah. In French and English, it’s spelled Bruges and pronounced Broozh. We completely fell in love with Brugge.  Maybe it was the beautiful sunny day, the happy family, the amazing history and architecture, or maybe it was the smell of chocolate in the air.  Whatever it was, it was a magical combination.  Belgium is famous for its waffles, chocolate, … Continue reading

Sand Castle Days

Sand Castle Days at South Padre Island in southern Texas.  The beach, the sun, and sand castles?  Yes, yes, yes!  We packed a big picnic lunch and took off with Grandma and Grandpa.  The sky was sunny, the water warm, and the sand sculptures were just so cool! I mean really?  How can they do all that with just sand! … Continue reading