Beautiful Ceramic Dishes

There are several shops that carry huge assortments of beautifully decorated hand painted dishes.  Whenever I see them, I think of several members of my family that would go crazy for these dishes.  If I trusted these to survive through the mail, I would send them.  There are so many shapes and sizes and colors.  I am not normally into … Continue reading

Exploring and hiking

We have been exploring trails along the edge of the village.  The owner of a local tapas restaurant recommended a trail along a creek, so we decided to go check it out.  We walked past avocado fields, down steep hills to the creek.  We found a bamboo canopy and even a cute little frog.  Dave was able to catch the … Continue reading

Fun in Fuengirola

    Fuengirola is located on the beach, so it is expected that it is a touristy beach town.  We were hoping for a sunny day to explore the town, but the forecast said rain.  Sure enough it was heavily overcast when we arrived.  We first took care of some business and got a notarization at the US consulate. Then … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Written by Dave:  Well, its Thanksgiving time again.  This year we are spending it in Spain where Thanksgiving doesn’t exist.  We decided that when in Spain, it only makes sense to do a tapas Thanksgiving.  We shopped around the small markets in our little village, and gathered up the ingredients to do it right.  Everyone got involved in the preparation, … Continue reading

Spanish olives and olive oil

Olives are grown throughout the Mediterranean region with Greece and Spain being the largest producers.  When we first came to Spain and went to the grocery store, we noticed a huge variety of olives and olive oil.  As a matter of fact, they each took up a whole isle by themselves.  We decided we should try some olives, so we … Continue reading

Tim Ferriss

As an avid book reader, there have been many books that have truly moved me.  But the author, Tim Ferriss also inspires me to think bigger, take action, and achieve impossible dreams!  We ordered his first book The 4-Hour Workweek, over two years ago, as an audio book.  It was inspirational, mind changing, and exactly what we needed to hear! … Continue reading

Tapas in Andalucia Spain

Tapas are served all over Spain.  They are like small bites, finger foods, or as my dad would say “tasty little morsels.”  The variety of tapas is limitless, they can be meats, cheeses, olives, and other combined foods.  We found this tiny little restaurant that advertised vegetarian tapas.  This is rare in Spain where pork and seafood are much loved. … Continue reading

Posture and stabilization

  Written by Dave:   One of the goals that I have had with our travels was to improve overall fitness and wellness, both mentally and physically.  Often times the daily distractions caused me to push this to the background, even though I knew it was important.  Now on our travels, we have been reading more, and focusing on learning. … Continue reading

Lunch in Nerja Spain

  There are so many  quaint cafes, most with outdoor seating.  This one also has a spectacular view.  It looked so inviting we couldn’t resist stopping for a quick lunch.  This cafe and the church in the photo below are located near the Balcon de Europa. We got tuna and tomato baguettes, except for Summer who got cheese and tomato. … Continue reading