Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Written by Dave:  From the top of The Rock, we noticed a nice park like area near the base of the Gondolas.  So we were anxious to explore and see what was there.  It turned out to be the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.  These gardens are free and a great way to spend an afternoon.  The rain cleared up and the … Continue reading

Playground at Europa Point

Dictated with enthusiasm by Luie: I didn’t know what this was, but it looked cool so I went on it.  There was this rope that you had to do something that I thought would bring you up the rest of the way.  But I was wrong, you had to climb it.  But it was very fun.  I was going to … Continue reading

Romanesco Broccoli

How does traveling change you?  I was thinking about this today as we were shopping for groceries.  Normally I hate grocery shopping and cooking.  But lately I have noticed that I am actually enjoying it.  How weird.  First of all, I love finding new and unusual foods to try, which happens regularly in new countries.  Second, I am not stressed … Continue reading

Europa Point, Gibraltar

Europa Point Located at the southern most tip of Gibraltar.  We decided that if we started walking and just headed south, we would eventually find it.  Sidewalks ended.  Narrow tunnels came into view and we questioned whether or not we were going the right direction.  Fortunately we met other walkers and they assured us that we should just continue walking … Continue reading

A look around Main Street Gibraltar

The Main St. of Gibraltar is loaded with shopping and cafes.  There is everything from electronics, jewelry, clothes, toys, health food and duty free liquor and tobacco.  The cafes advertise a variety of foods ranging from traditional English, Spanish, Indian, and Italian.  Most of Main St. only allows pedestrian traffic, which makes it much easier to get around. The above … Continue reading

Gibraltar Apartment

We have taken the opportunity to stay in southern Spain and now in Gibraltar, for longer periods of time.  So it made sense for us to find rental housing.  Our apartment in Gibraltar has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Prices in Gibraltar are most certainly higher than in Spain, and not as many vacant properties.  We always look for vacation … Continue reading

Indian Food Take Away

By Dave: Indian Food Take Away When we first arrived to Gibraltar, we didn’t have stocked cupboards, so we headed out to the supermarket.  As we were loading up on supplies, we noticed a large section that was all take away, heat and eat food.  As we were looking through the various offerings, one thing was readily apparent.  These were … Continue reading

Chickens, Mules and two Old Fools

I always enjoy reading books about the places we are traveling to.  Not just travel books, although I love those too.  But true stories or novels as well.  These books are not only entertaining, but give insight into the culture of the area.  I recently read the book Chickens, Mules, and two Old Fools, about a couple from England who … Continue reading

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we looked up and decided that we would walk up to get a closer look at the Moorish Castle we could see from town.  After a bit of wandering around, and a few wrong turns, we finally found ourselves on the road leading up. As we got closer, we found that there was a fee … Continue reading