Drawing and Watercolor Painting with Luie

Dictated by Luie: I really like to paint.  When we were in Spain, we went to a watercolor painting place and that is when I really wanted to get into watercolor.  It is one of my hobbies now.     This is a picture from a story that I saw on my daddy’s ipad.  It is a picture of a … Continue reading

Guitar, A New Hobby!

Written by Summer. I’ve played a LOT of instruments before.  Typically I don’t last more than two years of not wanting to practice and pushing it to the side.  But recently, I started learning how to play the guitar!  I decided to play when my dad bought the guitar because he wanted to learn how to play.  It looked so … Continue reading

Crafty Kids in Gibraltar

During one of our walks through Casement Square, we did some exploring through some of the upper level storefronts.  We found an interesting little craft store that provided many different types of classes for kids.  We decided that this would provide a good opportunity for the kids to have some fun with crafts, and at the same time meet some … Continue reading

Sugarless Chocolate Truffles

I know the importance of a sugar free lifestyle.  But sometimes a girl really needs some chocolate!  So I played around with a few ingredients intending to make cookies.  However, since I didn’t have eggs I substituted yogurt and made truffles instead.  They turned out great so I had to share.   The Bio Trust Protein Powder is a very … Continue reading

The rains came down and the floods came up

And the house on The Rock got flooded!  Unusually heavy rains overwhelmed our drainage system.  Our inside terrace has a drain, but it was blocked and the amount of rain coming down quickly accumulated.  We noticed the water on the floor of the terrace was getting closer to the doors.  Then we noticed that the 3 rooms that share walls … Continue reading

Chirimoya, Custard Apple

Winter is Chirimoya season.  Chirimoyas are a tropical fruit native to South America and they are grown in southern Spain.  In English they are called Custard Apples.  We saw boxes of them for sale at roadside fruit stands throughout Andalusia.  They have been described as “flan growing on trees.”   They have a creamy texture.  I thought the taste reminded … Continue reading

5 Gifts of Inspiration

Hello!   I am back with gifts of inspirational information! I have found a lot of value in good information, thought provoking ideas, and inspiring stories.  In my own life I have been moved to action that has been out of my comfort zone and at the same time been extremely rewarding.    When I have questions, I want certain types of … Continue reading

The Pillars of Hercules

In Greek mythology, Hercules found it necessary to cross the Atlas mountains.  But instead of crossing, he decided to use his superhuman strength and split the mountains in half.  This connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, creating the Strait of Gibraltar.  What is left of the mountains on either side are known as the Pillars of Hercules.  On … Continue reading

Mediterranean Steps

We love to hike new trails.  So when we heard about the Mediteranean Steps trail on the south east side of the rock, we were anxious to check it out.  This trail is classified as difficult and there are warnings for people with vertigo.  But we have been doing a lot of hiking so we were sure that we could … Continue reading