The Pillars of Hercules

In Greek mythology, Hercules found it necessary to cross the Atlas mountains.  But instead of crossing, he decided to use his superhuman strength and split the mountains in half.  This connected the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, creating the Strait of Gibraltar.  What is left of the mountains on either side are known as the Pillars of Hercules.  On the northern side is the Rock of Gibraltar and on the southern side is north Africa (there is some controversy as to which peak is the southern pillar.)  The ancients believed that nothing lay beyond the pillars of Hercules, it was the end of the known world and the entrance to Hades.

Pillars of Hercules Gibraltar

Pillars of Hercules, Gibraltar

Pillar of Hercules sign Gibraltar

View of Africa from top of Rock of Gibraltar

Interestingly, there is a theory that the $ dollar symbol comes from the Pillars of Hercules.  In the years after the discovery of the Americas, the king of Spain used the Pillars of Hercules as the coat of arms of Spain.  The symbol was also put on the Spanish coins.  The coins were called the Pillar Dollar in the British colonies of North America.  The curvy scroll which wraps around the two pillars eventually become the S with two lines through it.  There are several other theories about the origin of the $ symbol.  But from now on, whenever I write it, I will remember standing on one of the Pillars of Hercules!


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  1. So happy to see that you are all doing well. Summer looks so grown up! Glad I can “catch up” with the 4 of you on here. We miss seeing you! Love that you are living a life of adventure. Such an amazing thing to do. Best wishes!!

    • Chandra, how great to hear from you! I bet your kids are twice as tall as the last time I saw them. I was just thinking of the last time we did karaoke. I can’t hold a note, but you stole the show! Good times.

  2. good lesson. 🙂 When I hear hercules I think of Brad Pitt LOL I think he played him in a movie. Now maybe I will think of money. hahaha.

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