Tecklenburg Germany

Tecklenburg Germany There are many great things about having friends show you around. 1.  You get to see places off the beaten track.  Like this place in the woods around Tecklenburg. 2.  Also, hearing the history of the area. We enjoyed hearing the story about this place, called “Witch’s kitchen.”  Where witches would collect herbs and stuff to make medicines.  … Continue reading

Dusseldorf Germany

Dusseldorf Germany   This is a city square called Burgplatz.  To the left of the Ferris wheel is the old castle tower, all that is left after a fire destroyed the rest of the palace over 100 years ago.  Now there is a museum in the tower. Behind the tower, you can see the crooked steeple of St. Lambertus Basilika.  … Continue reading

Flying over Cologne and western Germany

Flying over Cologne and western Germany We were very fortunate to visit friends in Germany.  They have a private plane and invited us on a ride to view western Germany dressed for autumn.   What a special treat!  Summer stayed with her friend, but Dave, Luie, and I headed off for a new adventure. Although the day was overcast, we … Continue reading

Cologne Germany

Cologne Germany In German it is spelled Köln.  The Cologne cathedral, called the Dom, is of Gothic construction completed in 1880.  Although the complete building took place over 6 centuries. It is spectacular in both its size and its detail.  It is also one of the most popular attractions for visitors. The two towers of the cathedral are very recognizable … Continue reading

Enjoying Munich Germany

Enjoying Munich Germany Written by Dave:  While we were arranging the sale of our camper and finalizing the details of our lease vehicle, we also had time to spend enjoying Munich Germany.  Our host we were renting from gave us tickets to enjoy the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra rehearsal at the Philharmonie in Gasteig. The Philharmonie was quite impressive inside, … Continue reading

Oktoberfest 2013 in Munich Germany

Oktoberfest 2013 Written by Dave:  After we left Lake Bled in Slovenia, our next stop was Munich, Germany.  We knew Oktoberfest was on, but had heard it was going to finish up just before we arrived.  Once we arrived at our rental, we were informed that it was the last day of Oktoberfest, and we hadn’t missed it. Peter, who … Continue reading

Celebrating 60 years of Bled Cream Cake

Celebrating 60 years of Bled Cream Cake A celebration of cake!  The kids were thrilled.  While we were in Bled, we were lucky enough to be able to participate in the celebration of the 12 millionth original Bled cream cake, kremsnita. During the celebration, they offered the original Bled cream cake, and two new variations.  Summer wanted the original and … Continue reading

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia Beautiful, idyllic, serene, and captivating. Lake Bled Slovenia has a campground on the far side of the lake.   This was where we spent our last two nights in our camper.  And what a beautiful spot to enjoy camping, hiking, photography, and exploring. There is a trail all around the lake for walking or biking.  Part of the … Continue reading