Granada Tapas Private Tour

Granada Tapas Tour We love tapas.  It is one of the many things we love about Spain.  So, when Summer found us a tapas tour in Granada that was rated #1 on tripadvisor, we had to try it. This is Gayle, our lovely host, and the manager of Granada Tapas Tours. I knew I was going to like her from … Continue reading

Olive Pit Furnaces in Spain

Taming the Dragon In southern Spain, we are in the heart of olive country and olive oil.  This also means that there are a lot of olive pits (huesos) left over.  So there is a type of furnace that is common in these parts that burn olive pits for fuel.  Where we are staying, we have this type of furnace. … Continue reading

Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy

 Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy Several months ago, Summer did a project making a water hammer using bamboo.  This was very fascinating to Luie.  So when he saw the tall bamboo growing next to the stream, he brought several long lengths up to the house and asked daddy if they could do a project together. They decided to make … Continue reading

A look around Granada Spain

 A look around Granada Spain Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  The River Darro goes through the center of the city.  As a matter of fact, the Darro valley cuts right through the city.  So there is a steep decent from the San Nicolas plaza down to the river, followed by a steep climb to … Continue reading

Paprika Vegan Restaurant Granada Spain

Paprika Vegan Restaurant Granada Spain On our recent trip to Granada, we had the opportunity to eat dinner at Paprika.  Summer made us dinner reservations.  We were at the plaza overlooking the beautiful Alhambra.  Using navigation (extremely useful)  we walked to Paprika in only 8 minutes. I love that Paprika uses local and organic ingredients. They have menus in both … Continue reading

Iznajar Spain

Iznajar Spain Iznajar is an Andalucian white village with a population of nearly 6,000.  The town was founded by the Moors in the 8th century. This medieval hilltop village has the old historic part of town up on the hill and the (new) nuevo part of town down lower. This patio area full of blue pots is in full bloom … Continue reading

Charlotte Gastrobar & Cafe in Malaga Spain

Charlotte Gastrobar & Cafe in Malaga Spain Whenever we visit a new city, Summer gets busy doing research.  She is a real foodie and she loves Spanish food.  So when we visited Malaga, she looked for a place that would have some interesting tapas. The Charlotte Gastrobar & Cafe was her choice.  So she emailed them and made reservations for … Continue reading

Flamenco in Granada Spain

Flamenco in Granada Spain Jardines de Zoraya I have been wanting to go to a dinner and Flamenco show for a long time.  Jardines de Zoraya is very highly rated, so we made reservations for the evening when we were in Granada. Just reading their menu got us excited! As a matter of fact, we were so excited about our … Continue reading

Ice Cream in Granada Spain

Ice Cream in Granada Spain Helados San Nicolas We had planned to spend the day in beautiful Granada.  Several days before our trip, Summer did some research and found out about a special ice cream shop.  This shop has an excellent reputation and is know for its high quality.  So Summer emailed the owner, Aurelien, who turned out to be … Continue reading