Back in the USA

We’re back! I had mixed feelings about returning to the U.S.  I was quite apprehensive about leaving the lifestyle we grew to love.  So I was surprised by the feeling of comfort and ease I had even just in the Chicago airport.  When going through customs, we were able to joke with the agent checking our passports.  Such a simple … Continue reading

Difficult to say “Adios”

Difficult to say Adios Everything comes to an end, and unfortunately it is now time for this trip to come to an end.  But an end is just the beginning to something new.  That is what makes life an adventure. We made so many wonderful memories during our European adventures.  Canal tour through Amsterdam Visiting the Ann Frank house Tasting … Continue reading

Spain’s Olive Country

Spain’s Olive Country Being a family who loves Spanish olives and extra virgin olive oil, we were in heaven while living in Spain’s olive country.  The olives and oil are absolutely delicious, not to mention healthy, and very reasonably priced.  We were happy to indulge to our hearts content. Driving through olive country is beautiful.  Rolling hills covered in olive … Continue reading

Megalithic Structures Antequera Spain

Dolman de Menga

Antequera, Spain Written by Dave:  Our time was coming to an end in Spain, but there was still one town nearby that we had intended to visit.  We hadn’t made it to Stonehenge, but I had read about the megalithic structures in Antequera, and they were said to be the largest ones of their kind in Europe. Antequera is considered … Continue reading