Back in the USA

We’re back!

I had mixed feelings about returning to the U.S.  I was quite apprehensive about leaving the lifestyle we grew to love.  So I was surprised by the feeling of comfort and ease I had even just in the Chicago airport.  When going through customs, we were able to joke with the agent checking our passports.  Such a simple little thing like joking around, but I hadn’t realized that when you don’t speak the language of the country, little things like that are not possible and get missed.

Some things we love about being back in the USA!

  • Easy to call friends and family (Straight Talk, cell service)
  • So easy to meet people and have a friendly chat (even in the grocery store)
  • The roads are so big and wide!
  • Parking lots are big, easy, and free!
  • Cheap gas, seriously
  • Costco, oh how I missed you ($15 for 1.5L of coconut oil, can’t get enough!)
  • Not having to bag our own groceries (it seems like we are getting full service)

But, the best thing about being back is seeing family and friends!

We are now at the beginning of our U.S. road trip.


Our first stop was to pick up our dog, Kona, and visit with our wonderful friends who have been taking care of him.  We cannot thank them enough for including Kona in their family and loving him as much as he loved them!

We sure missed that little dog.  The whole family had to take turns loving up on him.

Dave and Kona

Then, road trip to Grandma’s house!

Luie and Grandma

My sweet, kind-hearted, always-optimistic grandma is 91 years old and as beautiful as ever.  I cannot even express how good it was to see her again and to hear her laugh.  Her easy laugh is one of my favorite childhood memories.  And we even got a lesson in optimism from her.  As Dave and I were worrying out loud if our van was going to make it over the next 2000 miles, grandma piped up and said, “That is not what you say, you say Of course the van is going to make it just fine!

Oh grandma, you are the BEST!  I am still learning from your example.


Mary and kids

We also had a chance to visit with Mary and Dottie.  We laughed about Dave wanting to push the camper over a cliff and stinky cheese.  We talked about health, languages, countries, and food.  Dottie asked about the castle we visited in Switzerland.  She remembered more about it than we did!  That is one reason why I love blogging and it’s power to keep us connected.  We had such a great time reminiscing, telling stories, and laughing.

family with Dottie

And so it feels pretty good to be back in the USA!

There are many wonderful and important reasons to travel.  I never realized before that coming back home is also wonderful and important!

Our road trip will continue for about 4000 more miles.  We will be stopping and visiting more family along the way.  Next stop, sunny Texas.


Back in the USA — 8 Comments

  1. We’re waiting eagerly for your arrival. Your Yamaha is going to get a week or two of fresh air in our carport, between our cars, so we can move our new wood stove insert into the garage.

  2. We’re pretty excited for you guys that you’re back in the states. I always love going on a trip and I love coming home, strangely, even a little bit more. I guess it makes us appreciate home. What’s your target date, in general, for getting home. What’s your general itinerary for your states road trip? Thanks for all the info about all the cool things you guys have been doing. Everyone at the Mumm house sends a hug to the four of you!

    • Hi Lucia, we plan to be back home in May. In the mean time we are enjoying our road trip visiting family again after a long time apart.

  3. It certainly is comforting for me to know you are home and more accessible ! I didn’t know how much I missed you until we spent time in Spain together! Can’t wait to see you again and have more adventures.

  4. Hi you four, glad you made it back to the USA safe and well. We are in Scotland for a week then back to Spain, as we have rented an apartment for a year. I hope the US part of you trip goes well and we will see you back in Europe somewhere down the line. love to all Ewen and Jane xx

    • An apartment for a year, that’s great! Not so much moving around, but still in sunny Spain. We are all doing well, but miss our good times with you both.

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