S’more Fun with Family

Family Reunions

Our long U.S. road trip includes as many stops to visit family as possible.  Our stop in Utah gives us a chance to catch up with aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins.  Let the fun begin!

Family s'more time

Spencer, Lorie, Tom, and Luie are getting the s’more party started!


S'mores and cousins

Parker, Luie, Spencer, and Tommy enjoying the fire as much as the s’mores.

Jared, Dan, and Parker

Jared and Uncle Dan watch as Parker slides down and climbs back up the slide.

visiting on the deck

Uncle Dan, Spencer, Dave, Jeff, and Jared catching up.

Jeff, Sarah, and Blake

The newest member of the family, Baby Blake, with dad and mom, Jeff and Sarah.


S'more family fun with Susan Dave Vida Dan

Susan, Dave, Vida, and Uncle Dan sharing memories and laughs.

Doyl and Anthony

Anthony and Doyl having a cuddle.

Jeff and Blake share  a smile

Jeff and Blake completely tuned into each other.  Oh, I miss those precious moments when my kids were this little.

Family Buffet

Mindee, Ben, Susan, Lorie, Twyla, and Kevin gathered around the kitchen.

Inside, outside, on the deck, or on the slide.  

There is happiness and fun

and laughter heard  from everyone.

Mindee and Kevin

Mindee and Kevin have grown up so much.

Spencer, Emily, Megan, Tommy, and Sam

After an exciting night, Emily, Tommy, Megan, Spencer, and Sam get ready to go home.

Lorie and Ben

Ben and Lorie get ready to load up the kids and head home.  We had so much fun visiting with everyone.  It is such a shame we don’t live closer.


Making pancakes

Tom and Luie making pancakes the next morning.

Breakfast with Tom and Susan

Summer, Tom, Luie, Susan, and Dave enjoying a delicious breakfast.

Beautiful view

The view from Tom and Susan’s house is just gorgeous.  I snapped this picture as we were loading up the van and getting ready to hit the road again.

Good-byes are always sad, but, oh what a wonderful reunion we had!


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