Back in the USA

We’re back! I had mixed feelings about returning to the U.S.  I was quite apprehensive about leaving the lifestyle we grew to love.  So I was surprised by the feeling of comfort and ease I had even just in the Chicago airport.  When going through customs, we were able to joke with the agent checking our passports.  Such a simple … Continue reading

Difficult to say “Adios”

Difficult to say Adios Everything comes to an end, and unfortunately it is now time for this trip to come to an end.  But an end is just the beginning to something new.  That is what makes life an adventure. We made so many wonderful memories during our European adventures.  Canal tour through Amsterdam Visiting the Ann Frank house Tasting … Continue reading

Granada Guitar Maker John Ray

Granada Guitar Maker John Ray Granada Spain is an important center for makers of the Spanish guitar.  As we walked around town we noticed many shops of craftsmen who hand-make guitars.  Since Dave, Summer, and Luie have all started playing the guitar, we were all fascinated to learn more. Summer got online and contacted John Ray.  He was nice enough … Continue reading

Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy

 Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy Several months ago, Summer did a project making a water hammer using bamboo.  This was very fascinating to Luie.  So when he saw the tall bamboo growing next to the stream, he brought several long lengths up to the house and asked daddy if they could do a project together. They decided to make … Continue reading

Pressing on Despite Adversity

The adventures of keeping an old camper running Written by Dave:  During our travels, we have run into a few issues ranging from small to large with our camper.  We started out with the camper using a bit more oil than usual.  Easily fixed with the purchase of two five liter containers of oil.  Keep checking the oil and top … Continue reading

How to start a blog

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our very first blog post.  I remember being nervous, excited, and clueless.  Now, I love it.  I used to struggle with technical things on the theme, what to write, how to add plugins, etc.  But I have to admit that I have learned a lot.  Also, because of the blog, I take more … Continue reading

The Importance of Schengen Border Stamps

The Schengen Region There are 26 European countries in the Schengen area.  American passport holders are allowed 90 days inside the Schengen region.  Once inside, you can go from country to country without border checks. When we left Spain (a Schengen country) and entered Gibraltar (not a Schengen country).  We made sure that we got our passports stamped into Gibraltar.  … Continue reading

Tutorial: How to make a photo series image

It is always fun to learn something new.  Through this blog I have learned many things about customizing web pages, using themes, adding plugins, seo, etc.  Today I wanted to learn how to upload a series of photos into one image to give some animation.  This can also be done with a video.  There are different ways to do this, … Continue reading

The tooth fairy in Europe

The first loose tooth is very exciting.  It is also a time of many questions.  Luie has been asking, “Is the tooth fairy always a girl?  What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?  How does the tooth fairy know that I have a loose tooth?  Does the tooth fairy come to Gibraltar?” So I set out to do … Continue reading