Book 3 in the European Travel Series is Available NOW!

I am happy to announce the release of: My Superhero (European Travel Series 3)   Available NOW.  Also, it isfree until midnight Monday, Sept. 9th.  So click on the cover photo below for a direct link to get your free copy TODAY! My Superhero is about a little boy who wants to be a superhero.  In this book, the family … Continue reading

New Children’s Book published!

Woo Hoo!  Book 2 in the European Series is now available on!  ***Click the cover photo below for a direct link to get the book. This book is based on true events that happened while we were in Spain.  It is about a sweet little dog that we provided foster care for.  I really think that you will enjoy … Continue reading

Good News! The Book is Live!

Wooo Hoooo!  I am so happy to announce the release of my first children’s book!   Many THANKS to all of you who left comments about book cover choices! I made some changes to the cover based on your feedback.  I tried to make it less busy with a larger picture for the adults and still use the bright colors … Continue reading

Chickens, Mules and two Old Fools

I always enjoy reading books about the places we are traveling to.  Not just travel books, although I love those too.  But true stories or novels as well.  These books are not only entertaining, but give insight into the culture of the area.  I recently read the book Chickens, Mules, and two Old Fools, about a couple from England who … Continue reading

Tim Ferriss

As an avid book reader, there have been many books that have truly moved me.  But the author, Tim Ferriss also inspires me to think bigger, take action, and achieve impossible dreams!  We ordered his first book The 4-Hour Workweek, over two years ago, as an audio book.  It was inspirational, mind changing, and exactly what we needed to hear! … Continue reading

Yuma Library

Oh books, ideas, possibilities!  We love libraries.  We got Yuma library cards our first week in town and have been regulars ever since. Summer has participated in some of the teen classes including internet safety and henna tattooing on hands. The kids love the salt water fish tank with the exotic fish.  Many fish from the Nemo movie. They have … Continue reading


Have you ever read the children’s book Roxaboxen?  It is a true story about the author’s mother when she was a child.  She and the neighborhood children create an imaginary town using rocks and boxes.   It is a wonderful story about the power of imagination.  And it all took place in Yuma, AZ.  Summer was familiar with the story … Continue reading