How to convert your earrings, if you have sensitive ears

A few years ago I developed a metal allergy.  My ears would get red, swollen, and itchy whenever I wore earrings.  Many times people with sensitive ears can still wear gold earrings.  But unfortunately, even my gold earrings caused irritation.  I tried several things including painting the earring hook with clear nail polish and covering the hook with coconut oil. … Continue reading

Segway Experience Málaga Spain

written by Nancy. Segway Experience Málaga Spain The Segway Málaga Experience offers a tour around some of the sites of Malaga.  What a fantastic and fun way to tour around. They are conveniently located near the harbor at Pier 1.  So it was easy for us to find them.  They also rent electric bikes. We met our tour guide, Sergio, … Continue reading

Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy

 Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy Several months ago, Summer did a project making a water hammer using bamboo.  This was very fascinating to Luie.  So when he saw the tall bamboo growing next to the stream, he brought several long lengths up to the house and asked daddy if they could do a project together. They decided to make … Continue reading

How to start a blog

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of our very first blog post.  I remember being nervous, excited, and clueless.  Now, I love it.  I used to struggle with technical things on the theme, what to write, how to add plugins, etc.  But I have to admit that I have learned a lot.  Also, because of the blog, I take more … Continue reading

Villeneuve-Loubet France, beach day

Villeneuve-Loubet Plage (beach) The whole family loves traveling and exploring new villages.  But we all need a break after several days of busy exploration.  The beach is the perfect place for our family to unwind.   A paddle ball tournament! Making cairns:  stacking rocks The sun and the sea is just what we need to feel rejuvenated. Now we are … Continue reading

Movies at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Cinema de la Plage

At The Movies Written by Dave:  The main reason for the Cannes Film Festival is obviously the movies.  This is something that is difficult to participate in with two children.  There were some ways to still participate, you just had to be creative. One option is to go to the Cinema de la Plage.  This took place on a beach … Continue reading

Tutorial: How to make a photo series image

It is always fun to learn something new.  Through this blog I have learned many things about customizing web pages, using themes, adding plugins, seo, etc.  Today I wanted to learn how to upload a series of photos into one image to give some animation.  This can also be done with a video.  There are different ways to do this, … Continue reading

Luie’s Salad

Luie has been inspired by watching his sister cook and try new recipes.  So he requested making a salad that he could blog about. Rather than dictate this blog post, he did a video.  The boy loves salad.  He especially loves tomatoes and peppers.  He was very proud to serve his salad with dinner that night. So here is Luie … Continue reading

Benefits of Being Goofy

The Importance of goofing off There are some people that just have a gift for finding fun, goofing around, and making you laugh.  I love these people.  I am drawn to them.  But sadly, I am not one of them.  I am a list maker, action taker, type-A driven personality.  Fortunately for me, I married an amazingly intelligent, lovable, goofy, … Continue reading