Benefits of Being Goofy

The Importance of goofing off There are some people that just have a gift for finding fun, goofing around, and making you laugh.  I love these people.  I am drawn to them.  But sadly, I am not one of them.  I am a list maker, action taker, type-A driven personality.  Fortunately for me, I married an amazingly intelligent, lovable, goofy, … Continue reading

10 Lessons Learned During Extended Family Travel

Written by Dave. It is hard to believe, but it has now been six months since I quit my last physical therapist job in order to hit the open roads on our extended family travel adventures.  What an interesting and life changing experience it has been so far.  It was a difficult and mentally challenging process getting to the point … Continue reading

Sugarless Chocolate Truffles

I know the importance of a sugar free lifestyle.  But sometimes a girl really needs some chocolate!  So I played around with a few ingredients intending to make cookies.  However, since I didn’t have eggs I substituted yogurt and made truffles instead.  They turned out great so I had to share.   The Bio Trust Protein Powder is a very … Continue reading

5 Gifts of Inspiration

Hello!   I am back with gifts of inspirational information! I have found a lot of value in good information, thought provoking ideas, and inspiring stories.  In my own life I have been moved to action that has been out of my comfort zone and at the same time been extremely rewarding.    When I have questions, I want certain types of … Continue reading

Romanesco Broccoli

How does traveling change you?  I was thinking about this today as we were shopping for groceries.  Normally I hate grocery shopping and cooking.  But lately I have noticed that I am actually enjoying it.  How weird.  First of all, I love finding new and unusual foods to try, which happens regularly in new countries.  Second, I am not stressed … Continue reading

Spanish olives and olive oil

Olives are grown throughout the Mediterranean region with Greece and Spain being the largest producers.  When we first came to Spain and went to the grocery store, we noticed a huge variety of olives and olive oil.  As a matter of fact, they each took up a whole isle by themselves.  We decided we should try some olives, so we … Continue reading

Posture and stabilization

  Written by Dave:   One of the goals that I have had with our travels was to improve overall fitness and wellness, both mentally and physically.  Often times the daily distractions caused me to push this to the background, even though I knew it was important.  Now on our travels, we have been reading more, and focusing on learning. … Continue reading