Elbe Sandstone Mountains Germany

Elbe Sandstone Mountains Germany Elbsandsteingebirge (in German).  The mountains are also referred to as Saxon Switzerland or Bohemian Switzerland. This is a national park in eastern Germany about 2 hours drive south of Berlin.  We were very lucky to have our friends recommend this place, or we would not have known about it. As you will see in the photos … Continue reading

Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia Beautiful, idyllic, serene, and captivating. Lake Bled Slovenia has a campground on the far side of the lake.   This was where we spent our last two nights in our camper.  And what a beautiful spot to enjoy camping, hiking, photography, and exploring. There is a trail all around the lake for walking or biking.  Part of the … Continue reading

Views from Marjan in Split Croatia

Views from Marjan in Split Croatia Hard to resist a hike that promises wonderful views. From the promenade you can see the hill of Marjan off to the west. Without a map, we just started walking toward the hill and climbing up steps.  As long as we were going up, we figured we would get there eventually.  And we did! … Continue reading

Top 5 Tips Plitvice National Park Croatia

Top 5 Tips Plitvice National Park Croatia   1. Plan your trip in the fall.  In the spring, the trees are bare, its cold in the winter, and the crowds in the summer will seriously limit your mobility, causing you to only see a small fraction of the park.  In the fall, the weather is cooler, crowds are decreased, and … Continue reading

Plitvice National Park Croatia

Written by Nancy. Plitvice National Park Croatia Absolutely stunning.  Many years ago I came across a photo of Plitvice and was completely smitten.  Since then it has been on my travel wish list and it was thrilling to visit in person. Plitvice National Park is located in the mountains and so it is pretty crisp in September.  By mid day … Continue reading

The Bridge and Gorge of Ronda, Spain

The Bridge and Gorge of Ronda, Spain are just stunning.  As are the amazing views from the bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1793 and is the symbol of the city of Ronda.  It is 360 feet down to the ravine.  Makes you feel a little woosy when looking straight down from atop the bridge. It is pretty dramatic to … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, There’s a Monkey on My Back

Monkey on my back, Gibraltar style

Written by Dave: Curious Monkeys On a return visit to ape’s den, the kids wanted to spend some more time with the Barbary apes.  We had a good time watching the juvenile monkeys wrestle and run around.  They were really quite playful, and were acting just like a group of six to seven year old children.  Each time we thought … Continue reading

Mediterranean Steps

We love to hike new trails.  So when we heard about the Mediteranean Steps trail on the south east side of the rock, we were anxious to check it out.  This trail is classified as difficult and there are warnings for people with vertigo.  But we have been doing a lot of hiking so we were sure that we could … Continue reading

Europa Point, Gibraltar

Europa Point Located at the southern most tip of Gibraltar.  We decided that if we started walking and just headed south, we would eventually find it.  Sidewalks ended.  Narrow tunnels came into view and we questioned whether or not we were going the right direction.  Fortunately we met other walkers and they assured us that we should just continue walking … Continue reading

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we looked up and decided that we would walk up to get a closer look at the Moorish Castle we could see from town.  After a bit of wandering around, and a few wrong turns, we finally found ourselves on the road leading up. As we got closer, we found that there was a fee … Continue reading