Villeneuve-Loubet France, beach day

Villeneuve-Loubet Plage (beach) The whole family loves traveling and exploring new villages.  But we all need a break after several days of busy exploration.  The beach is the perfect place for our family to unwind.   A paddle ball tournament! Making cairns:  stacking rocks The sun and the sea is just what we need to feel rejuvenated. Now we are … Continue reading

Antibes France

Antibes France Written by Dave:  We have been mostly lucky with the weather during our travels.  It had been raining heavy the day before, but the day that we went to Antibes turned out to be a stunning day. Antibes has long been an important town and trading port.  It was founded in the 5th century BC by Phocaeans, and … Continue reading

Villefranche France

Villefranche France Written by Dave: On our way to Monaco, we saw a beautiful small town situated by a bay full of sailboats. The announcement on the train said it was Villefranche, and we decided that we needed to visit. On our return from Monaco, we hopped off at the Villefranche stop. It was just a short walk into town … Continue reading


A Beautiful Trip to Monaco Written by Dave:  We were so close to Monaco, we decided we had to go.  The Monte Carlo Grand Prix was in session, so we waited for this to finish before our visit.  We bought a train ticket to Monaco, with the plan to see Eze on the way.  Our first stop was Eze, then … Continue reading

Nice France

Exploring Nice France The famous Hotel Negresco is 100 years old.  It is right on the Promenade des Anglais overlooking the Mediterranean. Like all the other beaches that we have noticed in the Cote d’Azure, the beach is pretty rocky and so cushioned beach mats are sold at the touristy shops.   We walked through some of the Italian district … Continue reading

Marche aux Fleurs, The Flower Market in Nice France

The Flower Market is open everyday except Mondays in Nice France.  It is usually open until about 1:00pm.  Mondays there is an antique market in its place. While the market is full of beautiful plants and bouquets of flowers, there is so much more as well. Check out the unique tomatoes, in the photo above.  The ones on the left … Continue reading

Movies at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Cinema de la Plage

At The Movies Written by Dave:  The main reason for the Cannes Film Festival is obviously the movies.  This is something that is difficult to participate in with two children.  There were some ways to still participate, you just had to be creative. One option is to go to the Cinema de la Plage.  This took place on a beach … Continue reading

Day Trip to Cadiz, Spain

Cadiz, Spain Written by Dave: As we were checking out of our campsite in Tarifa, we asked if there were any stops on the way to Seville worth making.  They said Cadiz was worth a visit, so we plugged the info into our navigation, and headed for Cadiz.  It wasn’t much out of the way, so was an easy stop … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, There’s a Monkey on My Back

Monkey on my back, Gibraltar style

Written by Dave: Curious Monkeys On a return visit to ape’s den, the kids wanted to spend some more time with the Barbary apes.  We had a good time watching the juvenile monkeys wrestle and run around.  They were really quite playful, and were acting just like a group of six to seven year old children.  Each time we thought … Continue reading

Dolphin Watching In Gibraltar

Written by Dave The Mission – Dolphin Watching in Gibraltar Today we had our first cloudless day in quite a while.  We decided it was finally time to take the kids out onto the Mediterranean for some wild dolphin watching.  I have been doing some research, and discovered that we are actually in a tough time of year for seeing … Continue reading