Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Written by Dave:  From the top of The Rock, we noticed a nice park like area near the base of the Gondolas.  So we were anxious to explore and see what was there.  It turned out to be the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.  These gardens are free and a great way to spend an afternoon.  The rain cleared up and the … Continue reading

Playground at Europa Point

Dictated with enthusiasm by Luie: I didn’t know what this was, but it looked cool so I went on it.  There was this rope that you had to do something that I thought would bring you up the rest of the way.  But I was wrong, you had to climb it.  But it was very fun.  I was going to … Continue reading

The mossy steps, a follow-up

Written by Dave: We previously wrote about hiking along the Rio and the mossy steps that we found along the trail.  Well….. We had another beautiful day, so after school we decided we would hike back into the forest to further investigate the steps.  Previously, from a distance they looked to have moss and debris build up on them making … Continue reading

Camping near Brugge

This blog post is not in chronological order.  I was checking through a few things and found this post was still in draft form and never published.  While we were traveling with limited wifi, this post got missed.  Since I think it is still worth mentioning, I am going to go ahead and publish it now.   We used a … Continue reading

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is right next to the San Diego Zoo.  We had no expectations about what to expect, but a friend recommended it.  And we are always up for another adventure. The first place we found was the Spanish Village Art Center.  We loved it immediately.  Surrounded on either side by little art shops full of paintings, glass work, jewelry, … Continue reading

Sea World San Diego

Three action filled days at Sea World!  Shows, rides, exhibits, and animal interactions.  Boy are we tired!  But it was totally worth it!  We had a feeling that this would be a favorite stop for Summer and we were right.  She loved everything.  Her favorite ride was the new Manta roller coaster.  Her favorite show was Blue Horizons, the dolphin … Continue reading

Desert Garden

We recently visited a Demonstration Garden that exhibits trees and plants that thrive in the Arizona desert. This is an agave. Theses short fuzzy looking cacti are Teddy Bear Cholla.  They have strong spines with barbs on the ends.  After taking pictures I walked over to look at the next plant, when I heard Luie call out behind me.  When … Continue reading