Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia Beautiful, idyllic, serene, and captivating. Lake Bled Slovenia has a campground on the far side of the lake.   This was where we spent our last two nights in our camper.  And what a beautiful spot to enjoy camping, hiking, photography, and exploring. There is a trail all around the lake for walking or biking.  Part of the … Continue reading

Summer Lightning Storm Motovun, Croatia

Lightning Everywhere Written by Dave:  While staying near Motovun, Croatia, we experienced several amazing lightning storms.  Finally I decided I needed to get some pictures and video to remember how beautiful it was.  As the storm approached, I was lucky enough to capture some pictures. Capturing lightning in a picture was much more difficult than I anticipated.  I must have … Continue reading

Antelope Canyon

This story begins many years ago.  We were going through an art gallery that was filled with extraordinary photography.  We were awed and inspired by the images.  Then we came to a photograph that had curves, lines, textures, and warm colors similar to the photo above but on a much larger scale.  We asked the man at the gallery where … Continue reading