Road Trip Portugal and Spain

Written by Dave:  There are some really interesting things you can see when on a road trip through Portugal and Spain.  We were making our way out of Spain and into Portugal for the first time.  Once we crossed the Guadiana River, we were in Portugal in the Algarve region.  It was beautiful, and interestingly the landscape really did change … Continue reading

Sintra Portugal

Beautiful, charming, enchanted Sintra Portugal Sintra is a short train ride from Lisbon.  It is only about 30 km west of Lisbon.  But the feel of the town is completely different.  I have been looking forward to visiting Sintra for a very long time.  And it did not disappoint.  I absolutely loved it! Dave is getting good with his one … Continue reading

Camping near Lagos Portugal

Our favorite campground so far…. We have stayed in some interesting campgrounds where there were no toilet seats or toilet paper.  Also, we have found many campgrounds with painfully slow or no wifi, you have to pay for a 5 minute shower, and rude staff to contend with.  But this beautiful campground only 5 km from Lagos Portugal was awesome!  … Continue reading

The Coast of Lagos Portugal

The Algarve, or southern coast of Portugal is just stunning.  It has rugged Atlantic coast views featuring rock formations that add a unique beauty and diversity to every stretch of coastline. We started hiking along high trails near the lighthouse.  What a great overlook!   We completely fell in love with the beauty of southern Portugal. We are currently traveling … Continue reading