Hard to resist swimming!

Written By: Summer   Some things are hard to resist, and for me that includes swimming.  Even if it happens to be only 60 degrees outside.  🙂 So, as soon as I found a pool in Andalusia I was thrilled!  Turns out its cold…  However, swimming in an unheated pool in Spain in November is not as cold as swimming … Continue reading

Sand Castle Days

Sand Castle Days at South Padre Island in southern Texas.  The beach, the sun, and sand castles?  Yes, yes, yes!  We packed a big picnic lunch and took off with Grandma and Grandpa.  The sky was sunny, the water warm, and the sand sculptures were just so cool! I mean really?  How can they do all that with just sand! … Continue reading

Beach at La Jolla

The coast at La Jolla (pronounced la-HOY-a)  is rugged and beautiful.  There are many small cove like beach areas.  The beach that we were most interested in is called Children’s Pool.  In 1931 a sea wall was built to create a safe swimming area for children.  Then the seals began using this protected beach.  Now the beach is shared by … Continue reading

Coronado Beach

Dr. Beach listed Coronado Beach as America’s best beach for 2012.  So we decided to check it out.  The bridge to get to Coronado Island is pretty impressive. Coronado itself was charming.  We enjoyed walking around Orange Ave. and back to the beach.  The Pacific Ocean was beautiful, the sky cloudless, the sand fine and soft.  But the water was … Continue reading