Nice France

Exploring Nice France The famous Hotel Negresco is 100 years old.  It is right on the Promenade des Anglais overlooking the Mediterranean. Like all the other beaches that we have noticed in the Cote d’Azure, the beach is pretty rocky and so cushioned beach mats are sold at the touristy shops.   We walked through some of the Italian district … Continue reading

Marche aux Fleurs, The Flower Market in Nice France

The Flower Market is open everyday except Mondays in Nice France.  It is usually open until about 1:00pm.  Mondays there is an antique market in its place. While the market is full of beautiful plants and bouquets of flowers, there is so much more as well. Check out the unique tomatoes, in the photo above.  The ones on the left … Continue reading

Molinard Parfumerie in Grasse France

Grasse is possibly the world perfume capital.  There are three large parfumeries in town.  We took the Molinard Parfumerie tour.  This tour included a bit of history on how perfume used to be made using animal fat and flowers.     The Molinard Parfumerie is right in the town of Grasse, so they do not actually make the perfume there, … Continue reading

Movies at Cannes Film Festival 2013

Cinema de la Plage

At The Movies Written by Dave:  The main reason for the Cannes Film Festival is obviously the movies.  This is something that is difficult to participate in with two children.  There were some ways to still participate, you just had to be creative. One option is to go to the Cinema de la Plage.  This took place on a beach … Continue reading

Cannes Film Festival 2013

Justin Timberlake

Crowds, movie stars, and films…. Time has been passing quickly here at the Cannes Film Festival 2013.  It is something that is great to experience, and something you tire of quickly.  Crowds are everywhere, making it difficult to get around.  At the same time, you never know who you might run into.  It all makes for a very exciting and … Continue reading

A home for a little dog

Hello friends!  I have a big favor to ask…. We have a wonderful friendly little dog named Kona.  He is a Pomeranian about 8 years old.  And only about 4 pounds big.  He loves people, and considers the act of you sitting down an open invitation to come sit on your lap.  He does bark and so uses an effective … Continue reading

Cannes France

Cannes France We started our day exploring the old town quarter, Le Suquet, on the hill. There are great views of Cannes from atop the hill. We then meandered through narrow little streets filled with shops and cafes on our way downtown.  This is a touristy city and the prices reflect that. The patisseries and boulangeries are more tempting in … Continue reading

Breakdown on the Autovia in southern France

Sudden Loss of Power Written by Dave:  There are many things you hope don’t happen when you are traveling.  A breakdown is one of those things.  A breakdown on the side of a highly traveled, high speed roadway is another. We had just entered France on a Saturday morning, and decided we would get off the back roads and drive … Continue reading

Road Trip Portugal and Spain

Written by Dave:  There are some really interesting things you can see when on a road trip through Portugal and Spain.  We were making our way out of Spain and into Portugal for the first time.  Once we crossed the Guadiana River, we were in Portugal in the Algarve region.  It was beautiful, and interestingly the landscape really did change … Continue reading