Arabic Baths in Ronda Spain

The Arabic Baths of Ronda Written by Dave:  The Arabic Baths in Ronda are the best preserved baths in the Iberian Peninsula.  They were built between the eighth and ninth centuries.  They were positioned on the outskirts of the Muslim Medina, so they could bath before entering the city.  We didn’t really know what to expect there, but Luie saw … Continue reading

The Bullring in Ronda Spain

The Oldest Bullring in Spain Written by Dave: The city of Ronda has the oldest bullring in Spain.  It took 6 years to complete, and was finished in 1785.  The bullring in Ronda was designed by the same architect who designed the new bridge in Ronda.  Bullfighting has always been very important in Ronda, and it is considered an art, … Continue reading

A look around Ronda Spain

Ronda Spain Ronda has an old town and a new town that is connected by their famous bridge.  We took some time to explore both areas.   Luie kept remarking how many churches there were.  And he was right.  Along with many impressive churches there were also several museums.  There is a lot of interesting history in Ronda.   I … Continue reading

The Bridge and Gorge of Ronda, Spain

The Bridge and Gorge of Ronda, Spain are just stunning.  As are the amazing views from the bridge.  The bridge was completed in 1793 and is the symbol of the city of Ronda.  It is 360 feet down to the ravine.  Makes you feel a little woosy when looking straight down from atop the bridge. It is pretty dramatic to … Continue reading

Home Sweet Camper and Camping Parque Tropical in Estepona Spain

Camping Parque Tropical Estepona Spain We were all looking forward to getting back in our camper and traveling again.  We parked our camper for 3 months at Camping Parque Tropical in Estepona Spain.  They have a gated locked area especially for long term camper parking.  The cost for parking is 50 euros/month. After crossing the border from Gibraltar back into … Continue reading

The Importance of Schengen Border Stamps

The Schengen Region There are 26 European countries in the Schengen area.  American passport holders are allowed 90 days inside the Schengen region.  Once inside, you can go from country to country without border checks. When we left Spain (a Schengen country) and entered Gibraltar (not a Schengen country).  We made sure that we got our passports stamped into Gibraltar.  … Continue reading

Dolphin Watching in Gibraltar, Part II

Summer and Luie on dolphin boat

Return to the bay of Gibraltar Written by Dave:  We finally had the weather clear up, and had enough people for the boat to go out again to try to see the dolphins.  We had been checking frequently, but the water was either too rough or there weren’t enough people wanting to go.  Off season is a tough time to … Continue reading

Gibraltar monkey adventure

The kids wanted to make sure that we climbed up to see the monkeys one last time before leaving Gibraltar.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Since it was a weekday, there were no crowds and the monkeys were in a good mood.  Summer and Luie were both hoping to have a monkey jump on their backs. … Continue reading

Grand Casemates Square

Grand Casemate

Grand Casemates Square Grand Casemates Square is an interesting place to pass some time in Gibraltar.  The fortifications of the area go all the way back to the Moorish occupation.  The square was originally built on sand that was in an intertidal zone.  The original foundations have long since sunk into the sand, but an excavation has exposed some of … Continue reading

Indian Food in Gibraltar

Indian food We walk past the Mumbai Curry House several times each week. Located on the Ground Floor of Euro Towers on Europort Ave. We always notice two things:  First, the aroma of amazing spices always makes our mouths water and second, they always have lots of customers.  So we were excited to try it out.  Let me tell you … Continue reading