Bubble and Squeak recipe

Bubble and Squeak An English dish that includes potatoes and vegetables combined and fried either in patties or as an entire dish. The history of Bubble and Squeak dates back several hundred years.  It originally referred to beef and cabbage left overs that were fried up the next day. The sounds of the frying food made a bubble and squeak … Continue reading

Tutorial: How to make a photo series image

It is always fun to learn something new.  Through this blog I have learned many things about customizing web pages, using themes, adding plugins, seo, etc.  Today I wanted to learn how to upload a series of photos into one image to give some animation.  This can also be done with a video.  There are different ways to do this, … Continue reading

Luie’s Salad

Luie has been inspired by watching his sister cook and try new recipes.  So he requested making a salad that he could blog about. Rather than dictate this blog post, he did a video.  The boy loves salad.  He especially loves tomatoes and peppers.  He was very proud to serve his salad with dinner that night. So here is Luie … Continue reading

Benefits of Being Goofy

The Importance of goofing off There are some people that just have a gift for finding fun, goofing around, and making you laugh.  I love these people.  I am drawn to them.  But sadly, I am not one of them.  I am a list maker, action taker, type-A driven personality.  Fortunately for me, I married an amazingly intelligent, lovable, goofy, … Continue reading

Rugby in Gibraltar

Nancy, Summer and Luie at Rugby Match in Gibraltar

Gibraltar vs Cyprus Rugby Match Written by Dave: On a rainy weekend in Gibraltar, the family went to take in a rugby match.  We felt that it was something that needed to be experienced while we were here.  The kids, who are not all that excited about sports, were excited to see the match.  Even with the rain, they were … Continue reading

St. Michael’s Cave Gibraltar

There is a beautiful cave located on the Rock of Gibraltar. St. Michael’s Cave A fun place to visit while in Gibraltar.  Over one million visitors come to St. Michael’s Cave every year.   I was impressed by the variety of different stalactites in this cave.  It was not as large as Carlsbad Caverns in NM.  Or maybe it was, … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, There’s a Monkey on My Back

Monkey on my back, Gibraltar style

Written by Dave: Curious Monkeys On a return visit to ape’s den, the kids wanted to spend some more time with the Barbary apes.  We had a good time watching the juvenile monkeys wrestle and run around.  They were really quite playful, and were acting just like a group of six to seven year old children.  Each time we thought … Continue reading

The tooth fairy in Europe

The first loose tooth is very exciting.  It is also a time of many questions.  Luie has been asking, “Is the tooth fairy always a girl?  What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?  How does the tooth fairy know that I have a loose tooth?  Does the tooth fairy come to Gibraltar?” So I set out to do … Continue reading

10 Historical Tidbits Learned in Gibraltar’s Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels of Gibraltar Also called the World War II Tunnels.   1. There are about 30 miles/ 50 km, of tunnels in the Rock of Gibraltar.  It took 3 years of tunneling by coal miners from England to make this vast tunnel system. 2.  Inside the tunnels there was a city with sleeping quarters, hospital, cafeteria, etc.  … Continue reading

Moorish Castle Gibraltar

The Moorish Castle in Gibraltar You can see the Moorish Castle part way up the Rock on the northwest side. It is not known for sure when the first Castle was built in this area, but the structure that stands today was rebuilt in the 14th century.  The recorded history of Gibraltar shows that the Moors occupied the area the … Continue reading