An Authentic Spanish Feast

An Authentic Spanish Feast Recently, our friends Chris and Carol treated us to an authentic Spanish feast.  Two local cooks came to our casa with all the necessary ingredients and began a whirlwind of cooking. Nieves & Isabel, our wonderful cooks, took a moment during preparation for a quick photo.  The wonderful smells coming from the kitchen had me wandering … Continue reading

1 big house + 2 families = a whole lotta fun in Spain

Not so many years ago, back in college, we had a classmate named Carol.  She was tall blond, loud, and hilariously fun! Now, she has a tall, blond, loud, and hilariously fun family!  And we were thrilled that they were able to come and visit us in Spain! We took them to the little hilltop village of Iznajar, Spain. The … Continue reading

Top 5 Recommendations for spending a day in Malaga Spain

Top 5 Recommendations for spending a day in Malaga Spain 1.  Tour Malaga by Segway. Segway is such a fun way to tour.  Plus you learn some history, see the old Roman Amphitheatre, Cathedral, and more! (See our Segway Malaga post for more info) 2.  Picnic on the beach. We always love to soak up some sun and enjoy the … Continue reading

Vino Mio Malaga Spain

Vino Mio Malaga Spain We have enjoyed some delicious meals and some wonderful experiences during our time in Spain.  What I love about Vino Mio, is that it is a combination of both! Right next to Teatro Cervantes is Restaurante Vino Mio. Summer made dinner reservations for us, which I would recommend, since they are very popular. We loved the … Continue reading

Segway Experience Málaga Spain

written by Nancy. Segway Experience Málaga Spain The Segway Málaga Experience offers a tour around some of the sites of Malaga.  What a fantastic and fun way to tour around. They are conveniently located near the harbor at Pier 1.  So it was easy for us to find them.  They also rent electric bikes. We met our tour guide, Sergio, … Continue reading

Alma Flamenca Málaga Spain

Alma Flamenca Málaga Spain We have read some wonderful reviews about Alma Flamenca and were anxious to try their dinner and Flamenco show. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.  We were even greeted by the manager and owner. We started our dinner with a nice salad that included goat cheese, pear,  and salmon.  It was really delicious. … Continue reading

Granada Guitar Maker John Ray

Granada Guitar Maker John Ray Granada Spain is an important center for makers of the Spanish guitar.  As we walked around town we noticed many shops of craftsmen who hand-make guitars.  Since Dave, Summer, and Luie have all started playing the guitar, we were all fascinated to learn more. Summer got online and contacted John Ray.  He was nice enough … Continue reading

Granada Tapas Private Tour

Granada Tapas Tour We love tapas.  It is one of the many things we love about Spain.  So, when Summer found us a tapas tour in Granada that was rated #1 on tripadvisor, we had to try it. This is Gayle, our lovely host, and the manager of Granada Tapas Tours. I knew I was going to like her from … Continue reading

Olive Pit Furnaces in Spain

Taming the Dragon In southern Spain, we are in the heart of olive country and olive oil.  This also means that there are a lot of olive pits (huesos) left over.  So there is a type of furnace that is common in these parts that burn olive pits for fuel.  Where we are staying, we have this type of furnace. … Continue reading

Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy

 Bamboo projects with Luie and Daddy Several months ago, Summer did a project making a water hammer using bamboo.  This was very fascinating to Luie.  So when he saw the tall bamboo growing next to the stream, he brought several long lengths up to the house and asked daddy if they could do a project together. They decided to make … Continue reading