Exploring Córdoba Spain

Exploring Cordoba Spain The historic area of Córdoba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We had an absolutely gorgeous day for exploring Córdoba.  We were wandering around enjoying the sites when we turned the corner and, whoa!  On the other side of this grand arch is the Roman Bridge. A tourist shop in the plaza near the Roman Bridge. The … Continue reading

La Tranquera Restaurant in Cordoba Spain

La Tranquera Restaurant Cordoba Spain We had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious food at a restuarant in Cordoba, near the  Cathedral.  The food is an Argentina/Spain fusion.  Talk about a great combination! We had read some great reviews about this place and were anxious to try the food.  They have earned a Tripadvisor certificate of excellence for the last … Continue reading

Ferries, driving, and the Channel Tunnel

Ferries, Driving, and the Channel Tunnel   Ferries: There are multiple ferries to and from the UK.  To get to England from mainland Europe, we took the Stenaline ferry from the hook of Holland to Harwich .  This is a nice ferry that even offers private rooms. View out the window upon leaving Holland. There are stores, restuarants, bars, kids … Continue reading

Clotted Cream, Curd, and Cordial

Clotted Cream, Curd, and Cordial   Clotted cream on scones.  Thick, creamy goodness!  I may never be able to eat another scone without this wonderful stuff. Typically I am pretty good about avoiding sugar.  But I must admit a weakness to anything lemon.  So lemon curd in the UK was a must.  Mmmmmm!   Seriously!  How do they make it sooooo … Continue reading

Snape Maltings UK

Exploring Snape Maltings Snape Maltings is a complex of shops, galleries, restaurants, condos, and a concert hall. The original function of this area and the history of the name, comes from the malting of barley for use in making beer. The malting was stopped in the 1960’s and the industrial buildings and acreage were sold.  A local farmer and business … Continue reading

Orford UK

Walking around Orford UK   The Castle and Crown Hotel and restaurant, is (I believe) the only hotel in Orford.  The owner used to be the host of an English t.v. show called The Hotel Inspector. Orford Castle was built in 1170.  The polygonal shape of the Castle makes it unique.  It is also unique because it is mostly intact.  … Continue reading

Cambridge UK

Cambridge UK An afternoon exploring Cambridge. I expected to see Cambridge University on our visit.  But I did not realize that Cambridge is a collegiate university, made up of many independent colleges.  Each college has its own property and finances. In fact there are 31 colleges in Cambridge and the student population makes up 20% of the city’s total. Cambridge … Continue reading

Norwich UK

Norwich UK   The Forum is a public building that has a library, restaurant, cafe, shop, BBC East, open gallery and more.  This is where we parked and started our walking tour of Norwich.   Just across the pavement from the Forum is the St. Peter Mancroft church.  Building on the church started in 1430.  For perspective, that is about … Continue reading

Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle We had the chance to visit the midieval castle in Framlingham, UK.  The castle was built in the 12th century and was once the home of Mary Tudor before she became queen in 1553. There is currently some preservation work being done to the interior of the castle walls. The photo above shows the area of the 12th … Continue reading

Ipswich Waterfront UK

Ipswich Waterfront UK The city of Ipswich is located on the River Orwell estuary in Suffolk.  Walking along the waterfront quayside, you see the boats, sky,  and old buildings mixed with new. The Old Custom House in the photo above.  Below is also the Old Custom House on the clock tower side looking toward the harbor. There are some restaurants … Continue reading