Gibraltar monkey adventure

The kids wanted to make sure that we climbed up to see the monkeys one last time before leaving Gibraltar.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day.  Since it was a weekday, there were no crowds and the monkeys were in a good mood.  Summer and Luie were both hoping to have a monkey jump on their backs. … Continue reading

Don’t Look Now, There’s a Monkey on My Back

Monkey on my back, Gibraltar style

Written by Dave: Curious Monkeys On a return visit to ape’s den, the kids wanted to spend some more time with the Barbary apes.  We had a good time watching the juvenile monkeys wrestle and run around.  They were really quite playful, and were acting just like a group of six to seven year old children.  Each time we thought … Continue reading

Monkeys on Main Street!

Written by Dave:  So the rainy weather finally broke, and the sun came out for a day.  I decided to take the kids for a walk down Main street.  They were excited to go out and hit the town for a while.  We had looked up some geocaches that we would try to find, and the kids were anxious and … Continue reading

Monkey business in Gibraltar

Barbary Macaques live on the upper rock nature reserve in Gibraltar.  They are the only wild monkeys in Europe.  Often referred to as Barbary apes, but they are actually tailless monkeys.  They seem very used to having people around, and almost seem to pose for pictures.  The kids were both fascinated by them and both said, that they wanted to … Continue reading