Pressing on Despite Adversity

The adventures of keeping an old camper running Written by Dave:  During our travels, we have run into a few issues ranging from small to large with our camper.  We started out with the camper using a bit more oil than usual.  Easily fixed with the purchase of two five liter containers of oil.  Keep checking the oil and top … Continue reading

Breakdown, takedown, the engine is busted!

We were driving up a mountain in Switzerland heading toward the chocolate factory, and happily enjoying the beautiful view.  Then a car passes us and honks.  Dave checks the gages which are fine, and I look out the side mirror and notice dark exhaust.  So Dave pulls over and just then the engine dies.  Oh, no!  Dave looks at me … Continue reading

Home Sweet Camper and Camping Parque Tropical in Estepona Spain

Camping Parque Tropical Estepona Spain We were all looking forward to getting back in our camper and traveling again.  We parked our camper for 3 months at Camping Parque Tropical in Estepona Spain.  They have a gated locked area especially for long term camper parking.  The cost for parking is 50 euros/month. After crossing the border from Gibraltar back into … Continue reading

Camping near Brugge

This blog post is not in chronological order.  I was checking through a few things and found this post was still in draft form and never published.  While we were traveling with limited wifi, this post got missed.  Since I think it is still worth mentioning, I am going to go ahead and publish it now.   We used a … Continue reading