Orford UK

Walking around Orford UK   The Castle and Crown Hotel and restaurant, is (I believe) the only hotel in Orford.  The owner used to be the host of an English t.v. show called The Hotel Inspector. Orford Castle was built in 1170.  The polygonal shape of the Castle makes it unique.  It is also unique because it is mostly intact.  … Continue reading

Norwich UK

Norwich UK   The Forum is a public building that has a library, restaurant, cafe, shop, BBC East, open gallery and more.  This is where we parked and started our walking tour of Norwich.   Just across the pavement from the Forum is the St. Peter Mancroft church.  Building on the church started in 1430.  For perspective, that is about … Continue reading

Gruyères Castle, Switzerland

Gruyères Castle, Switzerland Written by Dave:  While we were waiting for our new engine to arrive, we decided to take a weekend trip up to the town of Gruyères to visit the Castle.  As it turned out, our timing was quite fortunate.  This has frequently happened to us, where without planning, we arrive at a place just in time for … Continue reading

Sintra Portugal

Beautiful, charming, enchanted Sintra Portugal Sintra is a short train ride from Lisbon.  It is only about 30 km west of Lisbon.  But the feel of the town is completely different.  I have been looking forward to visiting Sintra for a very long time.  And it did not disappoint.  I absolutely loved it! Dave is getting good with his one … Continue reading

Moorish Castle Gibraltar

The Moorish Castle in Gibraltar You can see the Moorish Castle part way up the Rock on the northwest side. It is not known for sure when the first Castle was built in this area, but the structure that stands today was rebuilt in the 14th century.  The recorded history of Gibraltar shows that the Moors occupied the area the … Continue reading