Thursday Market in Bulle, Switzerland

Always a sucker for a good local market While we were waiting for our engine to be repaired, our hosts informed us about a local market in the town of Bulle.  They said it would be well worth a visit, as it had a good variety of local foods, cheeses, clothes, and crafts.  So when Thursday arrived, we jumped in … Continue reading

Gruyère Switzerland Cheese Factory

Ripening the Gruyère Cheese

Gruyère Switzerland Cheese Factory La Maison du Gruyère Written by Dave:  While waiting for our camper to be fixed, one of the things we knew we needed to do was visit Gruyère and the cheese factory.  Parking can be a bit tricky in this small village, but luckily we were in our borrowed car.  Earlier in the morning, parking is … Continue reading

Roquefort Cheese

Cheese tasting has become a fun hobby while we travel.  Ever since the fun of the Camembert experiment, which we still laugh about.  Our most recent cheese tasting plate included Roquefort cheese.  You can see in the photos below that it is a white cheese marbled with green mold.  Roquefort cheese is made from sheep’s milk and aged in caves … Continue reading