Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers A popular Christmas tradition in the UK.  Two people pull on each end of the cracker.  When it breaks apart, there is a pop.  The one who wins the cracker gets the prize, hat, and joke inside.  The crackers are usually opened at the Christmas dinner table.  The jokes read aloud and the crowns worn during dinner. The … Continue reading

Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding   In England, one of the traditional Christmas desserts is Christmas Pudding (Plum pudding).  It has a long history dating back to the 14th century, when it was called ‘Frumenty.’  At that time it was made with beef, mutton, raisins, pruns, spices, and wine.  It has slowly changed over the years to become what it is now. Christmas … Continue reading

Church Nativity Scene

Written by Dave:  We have been trying to get into the church the last few days to see the nativity scene that we have been told we need to see.  Our timing has been off, and each time it has either been locked or busy with a service.  Today we got lucky, and found the church open.  Armed with our … Continue reading


Turrón is a traditional Christmas treat in Spain.  It dates back about 500 years ago, when they first have written record of a recipe for turrón in a “handbook for women.”  Their are several different varieties.  Some are hard like brittle.  Others are soft like fudge.  It is basically a type of honey almond nougat.  We bought two varieties to … Continue reading

Christmas in Spain

  We have noticed that Christmas in Spain is not nearly as commercial as it is in the US.  The focus is more religious and family oriented.  Of course we are in a smaller village, so things might be different in the bigger cities.  The nativity scene is the primary decoration that everyone has.   December 22 is a big … Continue reading