Top 5 Things To Do In Motovun Croatia

Top 5 Things To Do in Motovun Croatia 5.  Try the many free tastings offered in the village.  You can sample, truffles, truffle flavored items, olive oil, honey, grappa, wine, cheese, etc. 4.  Walk along the outer fortified wall and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the valley below. 3.  Eat at one of the Motovun restaurants. 2.  Catch the … Continue reading

Summer Lightning Storm Motovun, Croatia

Lightning Everywhere Written by Dave:  While staying near Motovun, Croatia, we experienced several amazing lightning storms.  Finally I decided I needed to get some pictures and video to remember how beautiful it was.  As the storm approached, I was lucky enough to capture some pictures. Capturing lightning in a picture was much more difficult than I anticipated.  I must have … Continue reading

Tasting Motovun Croatia

Tasting Motovun Croatia Samples.  The whole family loves to try samples.  Luie used to shout “SAMPLES!” whenever we pulled into the Costco parking lot.  So the chance to try local fresh pressed olive oil, olive oil with white truffle, raspberry honey, wine, grappa, etc.  Just too good to pass up.   The kids loved dipping their bread in the olive … Continue reading

Eating out in Istria Croatia

Written by Nancy You don’t need to spend long in Istria Croatia before you see and hear about the famous truffles.  The Motovun forest is one of the top truffle regions in the world. We talked to some locals to get recommendations on a local specialty foods.  We were told to try the homemade pasta with the truffle sauce.  Yup, … Continue reading

Motovun, Croatia

Beautiful Motovun village in the Istrian peninsula of Croatia Written by Dave. When we entered Croatia, we stopped at a campsite in the Istrian peninsula.  It is up a twisty mountain road, and it’s called Motovun.  We had never heard of it before, but as it turns out it is one of the most visited “hilltop villages” on the Istrian … Continue reading