Gruyères Switzerland

Views of Gruyères Up the hill from the Gruyères Cheese Factory is the little town of Gruyères.  In the photo below you can see the hill and the Gruyères Castle. The cobblestone streets in town lead up to the castle.  There are several parking areas lower down on the hill, because the town itself is pedestrian only. Walking around this … Continue reading

Bubble and Squeak recipe

Bubble and Squeak An English dish that includes potatoes and vegetables combined and fried either in patties or as an entire dish. The history of Bubble and Squeak dates back several hundred years.  It originally referred to beef and cabbage left overs that were fried up the next day. The sounds of the frying food made a bubble and squeak … Continue reading

Sugarless Chocolate Truffles

I know the importance of a sugar free lifestyle.  But sometimes a girl really needs some chocolate!  So I played around with a few ingredients intending to make cookies.  However, since I didn’t have eggs I substituted yogurt and made truffles instead.  They turned out great so I had to share.   The Bio Trust Protein Powder is a very … Continue reading

Vegetarian Paella

Paella (pie – eh – ah) is a traditional Spanish dish often served on Sundays.  Typically it contains several kinds of meat and/or seafood.  I was anxious to try it.  So decided to try to figure out a vegetarian version.  I have included a recipe below.  This is the way I made it because it is what I already had … Continue reading

Mango smoothie

There is nothing as good as a frozen fruit smoothie on a hot summer day!  We have made hundreds of smoothies out of many different fruit combinations.  But this is our latest favorite.  Also, I want to say that a good blender makes all the difference.  I found this cheap little blender at Walmart.  I made sure to ask the … Continue reading

Peach Pie

We have been seeing a lot of fresh peaches in the grocery store lately.  Since everyone loves peaches, we have been buying a lot of peaches too.  Then Summer learned that August was National peach month and August 24 was National peach pie day.  And so she reminded me on several occasions, that a fresh peach pie would be really … Continue reading

Lemon Cupcakes

Written by Summer. I have been interested in cupcakes for a long time. In kindergarten one time I felt like after watching my mom and grandad in the kitchen so many times that I could handle baking  cupcakes all on my own. I asked my mom and she said I could try!  So I did, I remember putting in chocolate … Continue reading