Written by Dave: Sunday we got to feel our first earthquake.  It was a bit unsettling.  I was sitting on the couch and it started rhythmically moving.  I thought Luie was kicking the couch and was about to tell him to stop, then realized he wasn’t near it, and it was moving too much.  Nancy was in the bed … Continue reading

Yuma Territorial Prison

 A prison as a tourist attraction?  It wasn’t exactly high on my list of places to see. But of course it turned out to be much more interesting then I thought. The information above reads, “The prisoners made their own shoes, uniforms, underwear, mattresses, bedding, hats, and furniture for use at the prison.  Each inmate was assigned daily work details … Continue reading

Museum and Aviary

The Sanguinetti House Museum is probably the smallest museum we have ever been in.  But it is full of Yuma history.  There were Spanish swords and helmets from the 1500’s.   Along with dolls and artifacts from several local Native American tribes.  We saw photos, weapons, military uniforms, antique furniture, Southern Pacific railroad items, and river boat items. The grounds around … Continue reading

Medjool Dates

We have seen many signs advertising Medjool dates.  So I got online to do some research.  It turns out that the largest Medjool date packing and marketing  facility is located in Yuma, AZ.  The Medjool date is the most popular variety and considered the “king of dates.” While driving in the country we saw some date farms.  The cotton bags … Continue reading

Yuma Library

Oh books, ideas, possibilities!  We love libraries.  We got Yuma library cards our first week in town and have been regulars ever since. Summer has participated in some of the teen classes including internet safety and henna tattooing on hands. The kids love the salt water fish tank with the exotic fish.  Many fish from the Nemo movie. They have … Continue reading

South Pacific Train Engine

Little man Luie absolutely loves trains.  He loves to see them, he loves to hear them whistle, and he even loves just walking on train tracks.  So when we told him we were going to visit an old train engine, he was beyond excited. “Oh yes! That’s on my happy list!” He said.  Well, we can’t pass up a chance … Continue reading

Castle Park

It has been fun exploring different places in Yuma, AZ.  This park is actually called Stewart Vincent Wolfe Creative Playground at West Wetlands Park , but most people call it Castle Park.  It was just too hot to stay for very long, so we are planning to go in the earlier morning next time.  We had a great time exploring … Continue reading